The Premier Krav Maga Training Facility in the Seattle Area


force trainingBorn of the need to give green troops a self defense system that is easily learned and maintained, Krav Maga has been proven in some of the fiercest fighting and deadliest combat on the planet.  From the very inception of the state of Israel, Krav Maga has been a core skill for members of the IDF and Israeli law enforcement.  It has since been widely embraced by hundreds of agencies all over the world.

So great was the need for this specialized training that a separate group was formed just for the training of military and LE personnel.  The Force Training Division uses the same techniques and principles of Krav Maga but tailors it for the ever changing needs of modern day warriors.

No matter the mission or the battlefield, Krav Maga will augment and refine existing skill sets and continually hone this highly perishable skill.  As all warriors know, mindset is extremely important in gaining favorable outcomes.  At Krav Maga, we instill this fighting spirit and give operators the physical and mental toughness to get home safe.  Gaining empty hand skills will actually IMPROVE weapon handling, marksmanship and tactics.

Several members of the Cadre at KMETC have extensive training experience with members of law enforcement as well as personnel from Tier 1 units within SOCOM.  We also have extensive experience training some of the top Fortune 10 Executive Protection teams.  Whatever your needs, our personnel can effectively augment your defensive tactics needs.  Special programs are available for departments and units with unique training needs or time constraints.

For more information, please contact us at (425) 736-6019 or by email.

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